It’s a party and the most special birthday party! We adore these. Preparing for them is also one of our favorite pastimes, as it allows us to be imaginative and exuberant in the lead-up to a significant day. If you enjoy crafting your own birthday decorations, you must lookout for a few of the beautiful but simple birthday party decor DIY ideas. These ideas are some of the greatest ever for when you don’t even have a huge amount of time but yet require outstanding decoration. Hanging décor, invites, signage, centerpieces, posters, and more are all available. These party decorations are easy to make and come with step-by-step instructions.

DIY Paper Crown

birthday decor ideas

You’ll need the following items:
Packing cloth or gift baskets
Staple gun or tape
Cut a 20″ long and 5″ height triangle out of your gift bag or wrapping paper. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the imprinted sides facing each other (it should now be 10″x5″). Measure 2″ downward and create a horizontal line across your paper using your ruler. To make the tiara tips, cut a triangle shape from one point to the other with your cutters (do not cut over the boundary you created!). Reopen the sheet and set it straight with the inked side facing up. If you wish to introduce additional embellishments (glitter, pom poms, ribbon, etc. ), do so beforehand.

Once you’ve finished embellishing, pull the ends together to form a circle. Attach the ends with glue or a binder, and your crown is finished!

Mail Mob


What you’ll require
Family and friends’ cards
a stripe (optional)

Make an early demand for greeting cards to be mailed to your birthday kid to relatives (or even your social media outlets if you feel comfortable doing so). Kids love getting letters with their names on it, and they will enjoy going to the post day after day to see what might be waiting for them.

DIY Balloon number or Letter

birthday party decor diy ideas

Balloons will be required.
a gap or a blank wall
With the thread, plan your numeral or letter.
Tie the thread to the frame in the required range or letter.
Overheat balloons with your number or letter on them. You can blow out more afterward whenever you need it.
I cut a masking tape and placed it on the balloon’s tip after closing it off.

I tied the balloon to the wall’s thread.

Continue in this manner until the number or letter is full.

To make the number more lively, I added some frills to the border!

You could also thread all of the cards together to make a simple DIY birthday decoration.

Mystery Sensory Bag Game


What you’ll need for the Mystery Sensory Bag Game:

A bag made of paper or fabric
Five items from your house that aren’t related to each other
If you don’t live with a large number of people, birthday activities at home might be difficult. This game is enjoyable since it only requires two players and can easily be led by either a youngster or an adult, allowing you to take turns.

Fill a bag with five random things discovered around your house (make sure the bag isn’t see-through).

Allow the birthday youngster to use their hands to guess what’s inside the bag without seeing it inside.

Change things up by putting solely “red” or “outdoor” items in the bag.

Hope you have liked these simple birthday party decor DIY ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.