Birthday is the event that every person wanted to enjoy. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to celebrating the birthday. Everyone wanted to get birthday presents from their loved ones. Birthday wishes can make a special day memorable. Presenting birthday greeting cards is also a great way to make your loved ones happy. A DIY handmade birthday card could be the best gift for anyone.

In this article, we will guide you on how you can make a DIY handmade birthday greeting card for your husband. If you get some time and design a special DIY birthday card for husband and write a special birthday greeting message then this could be the special gift from you to your partner.

Make Easy Handmade Birthday Cards

Now you will learn how to make the easy handmade birthday card for your husband. You only need the following things to make the card:

  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Glue
  • Stickers (if required)

Hand made birthday card husband 1


Take the construction paper and first of all, fold it to give a shape of a proper card. Make sure to fold right from the center and in a straight line. Now, you have to make a pencil sketch to create the shape of the glass.

Repeat the procedure of sketching and make another glass sketch. Fill the glasses with the tea color, or the color of the coffee. Make the hands of the glasses on both sides of the glass. To show your love, make sure that the left and the right hands of the right and the left glasses are together.

Hand made birthday card husband2

With the help of a pencil or a black marker, make the eyes and the eyebrows on both the glasses. Draw the smiley lips on one glass that shows your husband. Draw lips on other glass and fill in the red color that means the lipstick on your lips and this glass represents you, i.e. the wife.

Now, you can draw some hearts above the glasses or you can paste the heart stickers with the help of glue. You can design it with some more colors, but simple will looks much better.

Hand made birthday card husband3

You can write Happy Birthday My Dear Husband or anything you like on the outer side of the birthday card. With that, you can write some birthday quotes for husband inside the card that can show how much you love your husband.

You can buy this beautiful handmade birthday greeting card for your husband from here.

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