Ideas for Creative Storage in Small Bathrooms That Will Make Your Space Feel Twice as Big

The cleanliness of the rest of your home should be exemplified by the state of the bathroom. However, due to the fact that it is a heavily travelled region, it frequently turns into a dumping ground for soiled clothing, beauty products that are only partially used, and just about anything else. The most important thing is to assign a specific location to each of your everyday bathroom items, such as your makeup, toiletries, additional linens, and cleaning goods. This will make it simple — and maybe even pleasurable — to keep your area neat and organized. These clever storage solutions for small bathrooms might help you feel more in control of your space even if you don’t have a lot of available square footage to work with.

Make a Space in the Shower for Necessary Items.

Make room in the corner of your shower for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and any other toiletries that you often use. If you want your shampoo and conditioner to have a more elegant appearance, consider decanting them into attractive glass bottles.


Put things in baskets and bins to hide them.

Up is the way to think, not out: Built-in shelving does not use any of the available floor space, but it does increase the amount of storage space you have. Either place labelled bins in them, stack towels that have been folded straight on the shelf, or figure out a way to do both.


Change Out That Unwieldy Medicine Cabinet

We understand that if you are pressed for space, medicine cabinets can be the only option available to you. But if you’re smart about how you organize the drawers in your vanity (keep reading for some ideas), you can place a sleek light bar over a mirror that lies flush against the wall. This will provide the illusion of more space in your vanity.


Make Intelligent Use of the Wall

By attaching a towel rack and faucet to the wall, you will be able to liberate valuable counter space. Open bathroom vanities, like the one shown above, offer the space the impression of more openness; yet, storage space should not be neglected: Put a wide basket behind the sink to store additional paper towels and washcloths.


Make Use of a Stool That Can Serve Two Purposes

Place a garden stool in the space between your toilet and sink to act as a catch-all for miscellaneous items; when it is time to give your children a bath, simply slide the stool out of the way.

Opt for a Skirted Sink

Wrapping a pedestal sink in patterned cloth is an elegant way to disguise any clutter that may be hiding under the sink. If there is room, you can hide a few baskets or containers of various sizes behind the curtain.