Use your DIY abilities to incorporate components to your child’s room that both represent their individuality and mix in with the entire house before they take up designing their space and adorning their panels with the newest pictures from kids’ magazines (does that still happen?). For some bedroom design inspiration, look through these chic DIY kids’ room decor ideas.

The Writing’s on the Wall

diy kids room decor

This area would be ideal for your child if they have a creative vision or a habit of scribbling on each and every surface they see throughout their favorite crayon. You may ensure that there is always a defined space for an artwork by allocating one complete wall to chalkboard paint. It’s also a wonderful spot to doodle a masterwork for your kid if you’re a painter. In one of these black and white children’s rooms, a blackboard wall would be very appropriate.

Bring the Outside Indoors

diy kids room decor

If you reside in a location that stops you from visiting the playground all year, consider putting pieces from the playroom indoors. Install a hammock from the roof, decorate the windows to resemble a forest, and construct a few park equipment, such as the ladders or acrobat rings seen below. Construct one of these small units to get the most of your children’s playtime outside.

The Paradise of the Bookworm


Hardbound books, according to many critics, aren’t moving in the opposite direction for small kids. Create a reading room for your youngster to express his or her love of books. While you may not be able to reconstruct the magnificence of Beauty and the Beast’s gliding staircase, you may construct a bright and showy bookstore that reflects your child’s individuality. Make sure the bookshelves are designed to hold a range of configurations of books so that their library may expand while still fitting on the racks. Try one of these bookshelves DIY kids room decor ideas as a preliminary step.

Polka-Dot Color Pops


Bright flashes of color enliven the space without becoming overbearing. Rather than painting circles directly on the wall, try purchasing spherical paintings from your locally brewed shop, repainting them in your most brilliant colors, and then attaching them to the side of a building with a 3M Tactical hook for simple installation and removal! If detaching the ring proves difficult, try one of these clever solutions. Read on to know more of our favorite small-space kids’ bedroom designs.

Suspended Bunking

Choosing the proper bunk bed takes time and effort, especially with so many factors to consider, such as size, safety, and color. This fun twist on bunk beds offers a new design aspect that might work nicely in a tiny space. Unlike most stand-alone bunk beds, the suspended aspect gives the space a lighter sense. However, if your child moves about a lot, we recommend installing a guard rail on the top bunk!

A House Inside a House

Every kid (and, let’s be frank, every person) enjoys a good castle. This bed fulfills numerous functions: it’s a fun framing that’s very easy to put up, it can easily be converted into a citadel, and it reflects the idea that a child’s room is like an island living space within their own house.

Hope you have liked these DIY kids room décor ideas.