Spring has a renewing effect on everyone. After months of cold and bleak weather, many of us feel compelled to freshen up our houses and welcome the new season’s enthusiasm. But it might be tough to know where to start when it comes to giving your area a new look. If you want to refresh your house without making major changes, here are some do-it-yourself or DIY Spring Decor Ideas to help you appreciate the spring season both inside and out.

Use Flowers to Decorate

A bouquet of fresh flowers, like this one from _awkward peach, is one of the simplest ways to refresh any area. Take advantage of all the flowers at your local food store, from daffodils and tulips to eucalyptus and hyacinth sprigs. Fresh flower decorating is simple and may be done in any space of your home. There’s no room in your house that couldn’t benefit from a few flowers, from breathtaking centerpieces to nightstand-friendly bud vases.

Add a splash of color

Spring is a season of regeneration and renewal on the outside, so attempt to replicate this in your home. While gloomy hues were appropriate in the winter, it’s time to replace them with pastels or even bright neons. If you’re feeling really bold, swap out some of your old dining room chairs for ones with a splash of color.


Lighter fabrics should be used

Replace heavy fake fur throws and cable knit comforters with softer materials such as cotton or linen. Pristine neutral colors can make a space appear bigger and brighter. Layering whites and soft pinks may be a nice way to give a splash of color while remaining neutral in your room.

Replace Throw Pillows

Looking for a quick improvement that you can complete in an afternoon? Replace throw pillows and blankets throughout your house for a quick and easy update. Whether you choose soft pink throw pillows, as shown in this bedroom from my grey place, or something more neutral, changing out textiles is a terrific way to refresh a space.

Replace the Candles

If you decorate your house with gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles throughout the holidays, it’s time to replace those candles with something a little more spring-like. Use flower or citrus candles to brighten up any space in your home. Alternatively, use unscented candles in pastel hues.

‘Utilize Baskets to Reduce Clutter’

It’s that time of year again for spring cleaning. Adding a basket or two is also a wonderful way to eliminate clutter and update your style. A gorgeous woven basket is an ideal item for storing everything from throw blankets to dog toys and plush animals while remaining elegant and trendy.

Improve Your Lighting

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If your ceiling still has a decades-old light fixture, spring is an excellent time to replace it with something more contemporary. It alters the room and serves as a focal point. Even for a novice, switching out lights is a quick and easy method to modernize any space in an afternoon.

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