Sometimes we see a piece of jewelry item in the market and wanted to buy that, but the tight budget won’t allow us to do so. In that case, we wish to make such an item at home without spending extra money.

Wearing a collar necklace is in fashion these days. When you are going to a party, it is good to wear a DIY collar necklace that looks good with your shirt or tops.

You can find a lot of video tutorials on YouTube on how to make stylish handmade collar necklace for spring. Here in this article, we are going to provide a few ideas that we hope you will like.

Multi-colored beaded necklace

If you are a person who loves the small and detailed needlework then this project is especially for you. You can use a cut-out piece to make your necklace and then you can use beads of different colors to make your favorite DIY multi-colored beaded necklace.

You can use the colors that match with the dress you are going to wear and you can also use the beads with different sizes.

DIY chain collar necklace

If you don’t want to do hard work to make your collar necklace then an easy DIY chain collar necklace would be a good project for you. But, you need to make it sure that your chain necklace should look like the collar shape, which is a tricky thing.

You need to imagine the shape of a collar and need to arrange your chains to give it a proper shape of the collar. Here in the picture, you can see what are the different sizes of chains you need, where to cut and from which specific points you need to attach the chains.

Neon rope and chain necklace

If you are a person who likes more colorful jewelry which looks modern and cool with your dresses, or if you are a person who loves to wear a brighter necklace that looks cool, then neon rope and chain necklace are for you.

You will love making this beautiful necklace yourself. You can make this beautiful necklace in less than half an hour and you can also make it edgy for you. You need neon rope and a chain and with that, you need a rhinestone as well that will add more beauty to this stylish necklace. You also need a few threads that you can wrap on the neon rope and the chain.

Final words

These are only a few DIY collar necklace for girls which you can make yourself easily. You don’t need much money to buy the required accessories and no extraordinary skills are required. With some basic knowledge and creativity, you can make a lot more collar necklaces and can save a lot of money.

Make your own necklace and you can share the pictures with us, we would be more than happy to share your work on our website and we also give you credits as well.