Old tires are not for throwing out as trash or to keep them in the storage for a long time. You can reuse the old tires as there are a lot of uses of the old tires. In our previous article, we guide you on how to transform your old tires into beautiful planters. With that, you can also make a swing for kids from the old tires.

But in this article, we will guide you on how to make the hanging tire planters from old or damaged tires. You can hang the planters in the backyard or the front garden. You can also hang a tire planter at the porch that looks very beautiful. You can also have one tire planter in a room if the plant is useable as an indoor plant.

So, let’s start:

Materials Required

  • Old Tire (A tire of a motorcycle is preferred)
  • Spray Paint
  • Potting Soil
  • Flowers
  • Power Drill
  • Heavy Duty Rope or a Chain

Make Hanging Tire Planter

A motorcycle tire is preferred because you need to hang the tire that has potting soil and water in it along with the plant. It makes the planter heavy. So, if you use a heavy tire it will be difficult for you to hang and to take care of it.

  • In the first step, you need to wash the old tire and remove all the dust from the outside. After washing keep the tire in the direct sunlight for at least one day.
  • Now, paint the tire by using spray paint of your favorite color. You can also use pain can and use a paintbrush to paint the tire.

paint old tire

  • Using a power drill, make drainage at the bottom of the tire.
  • Fill the tire with the potting soil spread that in the tire properly. Before you put the soil, put a small stone on the drainage so that soil won’t spill out from there.
  • Now plant the flower in the tire. Make sure that it is not touching from the upper part of the tire. Put some water in the tire as well.
  • Tie the upper part of the tire with the heavy rope. Make sure that the knot is good and it should not open when you hang the tire.
  • Look for the best place in the garden or in the backyard to hang this beautiful DIY old hanging tire planter.

Note:- If you hang the old tire planter in the porch or in a room, then make sure to keep a pot wonder the hanging planters so that if there is any water draining from the tire, it should be collected in the pot rather than on the floor.

tire planter

hanging tire planter garden

heavy old tire planter